I am probably going to be staying away from tumblr tonight just in case, but farewell true blood. We shall miss you!

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Jason married Bridget and they have kids.  Sookie is pregnant; who is the baby daddy?  Some faceless, nameless human.

Naturally. Can’t take precious time out of the Bill’s prolonged dying to even establish a hint of anything…

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The End (of True Blood) is nigh

Even though TB ends tonight & SVM ended a while back, this blog will continue on. You can still love a character even after a series ends. There may be more posts about Alexander Skarsgård than Eric or about other TB folks some days, but I do intend to keep this blog going. And I will ALWAYS welcome submissions & ideas.

I want to thank every follower of FYEN. This blog has helped me find a lot of very lovely friends. Those friendships have meant the world to me.

Music of True Blood

Of the songs featured on True Blood, which ones did you like most? Which did you like least?