Anonymous asked: Just feel like this needs to be said. The writer doesn't fuck up her own book/series the way she wrote it is right and that's her right as the writer to make the book up however the fuck she wants to. Everyone on here always gets caught up in how the writer or tv series writers aren't writing the story how you want it to be. How about if your opinion on how the story should go is so amazing then write your own fucking book and shut up instead of being an ungrateful audience.


I don’t really agree with this. There are many things that can easily mess up a book/series. 

Please don’t be hostile towards me. I was just answering people’s questions.

Even though this has absolutely nothing to do with the whole kerfuffle that was Seal Sex Gate ‘13, I thought I would add my thoughts on this. A writer can actually screw up a series. I’ve seen it happen. And not just with one series.

Yes, a writer has the right to write whatever he or she wants. Yes, they can direct a story in one way or another. No, they don’t have to do whatever fans want. BUT…and this is a but so big that Sir Mix-a-Lot would be happy…if they go in a direction that readers don’t like or don’t appreciate, then those readers have every right to complain. 

Book readers, television series watchers, movie audiences, etc. all have a right to dislike the direction that whatever is entertaining them is going in. I can be pissed at CH for the Sookie/Sam stuff or at Kevin Williamson for making Joey/Pacey endgame or the writers of Marked for slut-shaming any girl who happens to enjoy/like sex. It is okay to dislike this stuff. It is okay to voice the dislike of the stuff.

What isn’t okay is that people think that audiences just have to sit their and keep their mouths shut. As long as you don’t start resorting to threats or violence, as long as you are keeping your dissenting opinion in a civil tone, then you have every single fucking right to express said opinion.

*steps of soap box*

the svm/dea spoilers


So I just read some of the backlash regarding the book series and how Charlaine Harris chose to end it. I’m not surprised that she went with him as her HEA. I’m also not surprised that she seems to have no clue that she actually managed to piss off a lot of fans in the process.

Of course I wanted a different ending, but it doesn’t surprise me that she’s going this route.

For those of you who were expecting better, I have to wonder one thing: why? Have you not been seeing the decline in the quality of the stories? I mean, this was a series that (up until about book 10) was really good. It declined really quickly. After finishing book 12, I can’t imagine that anyone was expecting anything good out of the final book. I mean, even if you do ship Sookie with that particular character, you can’t be expecting anything wonderful and good out of the book. Every good character was pretty much turned into a disgusting shell of himself or herself in that book.

Even the writing style of Harris has sucked lately. Her books were fun at first, but (around book 10) the fun seemed to be sucked out of the story. It’s like she didn’t care anymore. Sometimes I even wondered if she was even writing the books anymore. (It honestly felt like it was being ghost-written.)

I didn’t buy the last book. I’m not buying this one. I might read it at some point but I’m pretty much over that series. I still love the earlier versions of the characters and the earlier books, but I’m not into the way they’ve been manipulated. And I’m not interested in the way that Harris has consistently been rude about the disappointment of her fans. To me, she seems to be getting a bit too big for her britches, and I just don’t feel the need to support that kind of attitude.

I’ll keep updating FYEN because I’m still an Eric fan, I’ve become an Alexander Skarsgård fan because of the series, and I’ve gotten to know some truly amazing people because of this one character. But as for keeping any level of love or respect for CH…it ain’t gonna happen.

Living Dead in Dallas

Eric: So you want me to go to a human orgy, where I will not be welcome, and you want us to leave before I get to enjoy myself?
Sookie: Yes. And . . . do you think you could pretend to be gay?
Pam: What did you say to Eric? He is shaking his head back and forth with his eyes shut.
Sookie: Is he laughing, even a little bit?
Pam: Not that I can tell.